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4 Insights for Reaching Your Goals (and Avoiding Burnout) in 2018

January is once again upon us, and with the New Year comes a whole slew of resolutions that many of us will not keep (92% of us, in fact!). Like you, there are several changes I’d like to make and things I’d like to improve upon in the coming year. But the big problem that comes year after year for the majority of us is the inability to achieve the things we want. What if we could actually accomplish what we want to do, no doubt about it? How awesome would that be? Even better, what if we could reach those high aspirations without losing sleep, sacrificing sanity, or affecting our mood and relationships? It is possible.

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A Millennial’s Guide to Snapchat for Business

The age of Snapchat is upon us. Snapchat currently boasts 100 million active users, surpassing Twitter. Since its inception in September 2011, Snapchat has transformed from a “not so Disney” platform to one of the most effective methods to market and reach various demographics. As a social media marketer for your business, Snapchat provides an incredible opportunity to target millennials who account for 70% of all Snapchat users.

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3 Steps for Getting the Most out of Your 3rd Party Vendors

 It all starts with finding the right vendors for your needs.

If you realize that you have a business need and you don’t have the knowledge base in house to solve it, you have two options. 1. Hire for that skillset internally or 2. Outsource for that skillset. Many business owners find that a more cost effective solution to finding talent is to outsource to the experts.

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Why It's Time to Stop Being a Slave to the Click

As a digital marketer and inbound marketing aficionado, I have written more than a few blogs in my life. And I must say, there is nothing more frustrating than working really hard on a blog post only to see it's gotten two likes on Facebook and a handful of views on your site. Before I really started to understand inbound marketing, I would've considered that blog post a failure. We live in a world where we are surrounded by Buzzfeed and Upworthy and we have come to expect that our content isn't good unless it is being consumed by the masses and shared by thousands. Secretly (or not so secretly), we all want to be the next company that has a piece of content go viral.

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4 Tips to Help You Write Great Blog Titles

You work hard to make your blog successful. You come up with relevant topics, tailor the information to your buyer personas, keep SEO in mind as you write each post, and spend the time to find attractive photos to encourage viewers to read them. These steps are not enough to optimize your blog posts, though.

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How to Write an Optimized Blog Post (In 8 Way-Too-Easy Steps)

Blogging is a crucial step to any digital marketing campaign. It not only will help increase your organic SEO ranking and drive traffic to your site, it allows you to connect with your visitors by establishing your or your company as an industry expert. But, we know that blogging is no easy task, so we've broken it down into 8 easy steps to get you started.


1.  Find a Good Topic

Before you start writing, take some time to brainstorm a topic that you think will be valuable to your readers. Remember, don’t just write content for the sake of writing content. Providing useless content is almost as bad as providing no content. Write something that matters to your target audience. If you’re unsure of how to target your blogs appropriately, try creating some buyer personas. If you think you’re in a boring industry and have nothing to write about, check out: 3 Tips For Creating Content For a Boring Industry.

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Why It's Good Business to Give Free Advice on Your Blog

Many marketers are afraid to give a DIY solution as part of their inbound marketing. It can feel that, when you tell someone how to solve their problems on their own, it costs you business. Why would they come to you after you've given them the answer for free? But, as part of a smart content marketing strategy, giving things away can be a powerful seller. A few reasons why:

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Link-Building Is Not Dead

Over the past several months, Google has gotten far more strict about where your backlinks come from. Paid links are poison and Google's webspam director Matt Cutts flat-out declared guest posting dead. But, while mass guest blogging schemes and link buying will get you smacked down by the search engines, you can still get legitimate links. Some characteristics of quality links in 2014:

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3 Tips For Creating Content for a "Boring" Industry

Believe it or not, the world of digital marketing doesn’t interest everyone. While we can’t help but geek out when we hear words like PPC and CTA, we understand that the majority of the population tunes out quicker than you can say “search engine optimization”.

Time and time again we hear from clients or potential clients who are skeptical of inbound marketing, even though inbound marketing costs 61% less than traditional outbound marketing. One of their main concerns is that their products or services are not interesting enough. But you know what? It’s okay to be boring. Why? Because warm leads don’t find your content boring.

That being said, we know it can be difficult to get started writing content for a “boring” industry. If you’re at a loss when it comes to creating content for your company, here are 3 tips to get you started:

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Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

If you're a new company or just new to Search Engine Optimization, you will soon discover why the strategy will become a necessity to increase traffic and customers to your website. SEO focused words get picked up by search engines and placed in a ranking on their pages. When keywords are placed strategically in content, search engines use those words to attract potential consumers. For example, if someone is searching for a medical diagnosis or condition, they might search for those words, or even more specifically Type II Diabetes Symptoms. Companies, such as Webmd, The Mayo Clinic and Medicine.net  discovered that using those specific keywords allowed search engines to rank them high, even on the front page. Because of that ranking, their traffic has increased ten-fold.

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