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Brand Name Keywords: To Bid or Not to Bid?

At this point, paying for advertising on search engines is a must. Just about everyone is doing it. When setting up campaigns, you’ll want to do extensive keyword research to see what keywords fit your company and industry. It's important to pinpoint your target audience and choose what keywords to bid on that would make the most sense for your company. You want to show ads for your products, services, etc. in your specific targeted locations. Be sure to check out some best practices for deciding on how you structure your Google Ads account and campaigns. After you have a campaign outline in place, you’ll want to make sure you don’t forget to bid on one of the most important keywords – your own brand.

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7 Fresh Graphic Design Trends for 2019


Large, High-Impact Typography

This year, typography is going big—literally and figuratively. Large-format, all-caps type will take over, and fun effects on this type (think metallic and 3D) boost the impact even more. In addition, we’ll see typography get super involved in the design, playing an active role in interacting with the rest of the elements. Try mixing different font weights, experimenting with various type orientations and pairing unexpected fonts. 

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In-House Marketer vs. Digital Marketing Agency:  Which Should You Choose?

To invest in a digital marketing agency or not to invest in a digital marketing agency, that is the question.

When it comes to reaping the benefits of online marketing and ramping up digital ad spend the right way, this is a very important question. You want to attract new customers, nurture existing ones, and outshine your competitors by investing in marketing. So, should you hire a marketing agency or go with an in-house marketer for your company?

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