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Do I Really Need SEO & PPC?

Let’s Start with The Obvious:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizations or known as Organic Results and PPC stands for Pay Per Click (clearly Paid Advertising). There feel better? Okay lets get started. If you have ever worked for a digital agency the question always seems to come up from time to time. "Do I Really Need SEO and PPC?” And simply put, yes you do if you want to have a successful marketing campaign on all fronts. read more →

Remote Working Just Might Work

A little over a month ago, we implemented bi-weekly "town hall" style meetings at AdVision. Although we often attend social events together or meet up for happy hour beers, we’ve never had a platform for everyone to candidly and publicly speak their minds on what they feel is working in the agency, what’s not, and how we can improve as an organization. With a few of these sessions now under our belts, my only regret is not starting these meetings sooner. The feedback we’re receiving from the team is truly amazing, and I’m convinced these meetings are going to make us a more tight-knit, effective team going forward.

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