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Before You Consider Inbound Marketing, Consider This.

Access to better data and analytics is reshaping consumer and client expectations for the products and services we buy and the partners with which we work. Thanks to Uber, we now expect on-demand local travel with real-time data and analytics as to ETA’s, routes, and fares. Electronic banking applications have almost eliminated our need for visits to the bank and have created expectations for instant mobile deposits, transfers, and fund growth insights.

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10 Uses for HubSpot's Internal Email Notifications

HubSpot's internal email notification feature is often overlooked by many HubSpotters. Actually part of a larger tool within the marketing automation software called Workflows, it requires the Professional or Enterprise edition of the software to use. It's a small feature of HubSpot that can actually be used for a variety of different functions. Whether you're a salesperson trying to stay on top of your leads, a manager trying to stay on top of your employees, or just an organization and process geek in general, these creative applications for internal email notifications in HubSpot are guaranteed to help you get the job done.

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How To Create Buyer Personas with Real Data

Marketing without targeting your buyer persona is kind of like throwing mud at the wall. You throw it hard enough, and some of it will stick. However, the problem with marketing without keeping your personas in mind is that it generally leads to poor conversion rates. Maybe every so often one is successful, but you're also dealing with a lot of misses.

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