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6 UX Lessons to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page

“Don’t make me think.” - Steve Krug

Those four words sum up user experience at its core – and it’s the most fundamental key to successfully selling your product or service with inbound marketing. We know that a well-designed landing page should have engaging graphics or images, clean fonts that are easy to read, and pleasing colors. But does the user actually enjoy the experience of a website page that’s simply pretty to look at?

Perhaps, but the user enjoys getting their desired result more. Making the end result as simple and pleasant as possible is the key to increasing your conversions and keeping your customers happy. Let’s look at six strategic lessons you can implement on your landing pages for more success in conversion rates

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Why You Don't Really "Get" Content Marketing

Interest surrounding Content Marketing has literally exploded over the past few years, and for good reason. Consumers have gotten smarter. Their attention spans have shortened, and they’ve taught themselves to tune out unwanted marketing messages with DVR, cold call screening, and easily filtering email blasts into their spam folder. In short, Traditional Marketing is a dying medium, and Content Marketing is the new way to engage an audience and grow your business. Below is a screenshot from Google Trends, captured on 3.3.16, demonstrating the increased search volume around the phrase “Content Marketing” over the last ten years. Pretty compelling!

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Search Experts Speak Up About Google's Changes to Right-Side Ads

Have you noticed that the Google desktop search results page looks a little different recently? No…you’re not dreaming. A few weeks ago, the search giant announced a major change to their desktop results, removing ads from the right side of the search results.

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