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AdWords & Amazon– A Different Kind of Search Partner

Google’s Search Partners has always been one of the murkier abysses in the ocean that is paid search. Sometimes the best thing since sliced bread, raking in qualified traffic, leads, and sales, all at a very profitable CPA or ROI. But other times it is more akin to Jabba The Hutt’s pit, a Rancor lurking in the darkness ready to gobble up your budget. This article will focus on analyzing and harnessing one of those Rancors, a slightly unusual search partner known as Amazon.

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SEO Basics: Get Your Foot in the Door!

Search Engine Optimization – what a concept! The purple unicorn, the great white buffalo, or the Loch Ness Monster of inbound marketing. Although there is a lot of grey area in SEO, there are still several measurable aspects. However, it’s you or your agency’s job to ensure that these aspects are being measured and tended too.

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Bridge Online Clicks with Offline Sales

Over the past 10 years, AdVision has worked with 100’s of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Although the types of businesses have varied greatly, the commonality among every one of our engagements has been the client’s desire to convert their online traffic more often at a lesser cost.

My favorite aspect of digital marketing, regardless of the strategy deployed, is the ability to track tangible results. We can easily track any click from the initial website visit through to a conversion, be it an online purchase, a lead submission form, or a phone call.

This process of results tracking does get a little difficult when tasked with tracking a local, in store purchase, stemming from a digital campaign we’re managing. In these situations, we need to plan a campaign geared towards driving online website traffic, which will trigger in store visits, which will ideally result in an in store transaction. And we have to have the ability to prove it. Below are a few tactics we've employed to overcome this in past client campaigns.

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Dimensions Reports in AdWords: Find the Right Data Points to Optimize Your Campaigns 

Google AdWords offers some exceptional tools and reports for facilitating your online paid marketing plan as well as monitoring it. One of its under-discovered data gems is the Dimensions tab. Under this tab you can access several in depth reports that are broken up into several key areas: Geo Report, Time Report, Device Performance, and many more. Take some time to dive into the data and use this information to effectively optimize your PPC campaigns.

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Is HubSpot's LeadIn Right for Your Company?

What is LeadIn?

Leadin is a free plugin for WordPress that helps businesses turn website visitors into viable leads, all while learning about their behavior on-site. 

It was created to be a gateway to the world of Inbound, for indviduals or companies who are not ready to invest in HubSpot quite yet.

The best part? During INBOUND 2015, HubSpot announced LeadIn will be available for all major CMS platforms including Drupal and Joomla.

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Is paid advertising a part of inbound marketing?

I have a confession to make.

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How to Use Closed Loop Reporting to Optimize for Digital Revenue Generation


Digital performance is about more than just tracking leads at a higher rate and cheaper cost, it requires data analysis down the funnel through revenue and customer metrics.

When I first started working in digital marketing it was primarily in the PPC and AdWords side of paid traffic generation. As I was learning how to effectively manage bids, write engaging ad copy to increase click through rate, and set up conversion tracking to prove success of the campaigns, I didn’t realize there was an entire piece of the puzzle missing on the back end of lead tracking and online revenue generation until I began regularly talking to clients. 

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5 Pointers for Designing an Attention-Grabbing Call-To-Action


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