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The Simple Trick to Productivity: Do Less

With so many projects on the average person's plate, it is no wonder that multitasking comes second nature. The problem with that mindset is that studies show people lose productivity while multitasking: we make more mistakes, and we take longer to complete individual tasks. When our attention is being pulled in so many directions, doing less is the key to accomplishing more.

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3 Rules for Digital Marketing to the Sophisticated Consumer

It’s time to face facts. Today’s consumer is drastically different from the consumer of yesteryear.  As technology has grown at an outstanding pace, so has the consumer.  We are now living in the era of the sophisticated consumerIt’s time for marketers to not only grow with them, but be one step ahead. 

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PPC Tiered Bidding by Keyword Match Type

While Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising enables you to grow your customer base, selecting an appropriate bidding strategy can be the difference between receiving a positive or negative return on investment. Whether beginning to use PPC altogether, or creating new campaigns and ad groups, you need to optimize your bidding strategy with tiered bidding.  Understanding how Exact match, Broad match, and everything in between performs is crucial to creating a tiered bidding strategy.

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The Move to Mobile: Your Survival Guide to Google’s Newest Algorithm

In case you aren’t a search nerd like we all are over here, you might not have gotten word yet of Google’s latest update to the way it ranks websites. Starting tomorrow, April 21, Google will include mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion in search results. In other words, if your site isn’t fully optimized for mobile devices, your ranking on mobile searches will most likely take a significant hit. 

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5 Steps to Set Up Facebook Remarketing/Retargeting

Remarketing in the Facebook platform has been limited at best for some time. Now don’t get me wrong, growing page likes and serving ads to people who have already liked your page has some merit, but this was only groundbreaking in the 2000’s. 

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