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The Importance of a Strong Keyword Strategy for SEO

 Google and other search engines consider a number of factors when choosing who gets to rise to the top of search results and bring in organic traffic. Crawling pages to see what they are all about is a big part of the process, so you want to be sure you send the right messages to the crawlers. Having the right keywords in the right places will help search engines find you, but how do you know which to use and where to put them?

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Jumping into Inbound Marketing Without a Plan? Think Again.

It’s common practice for companies to create AdWords campaigns, attempt content marketing or other brand building efforts without first developing an effective strategy. This wastes time, effort and money. It’s important to have an inbound marketing strategy. Why? Having an inbound marketing strategy helps to set clear goals and objectives. You can’t get to your destination without knowing where you want to go.

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The Relationship Between the Push & Pull of Traffic in Inbound Marketing

There is a unique relationship between the inbound marketing efforts that we undertake when it comes to on-site marketing and off-site marketing. In a way, this relationship could be described as a push and pull of traffic to a website.

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How to Make Your Buyer Personas Development Actionable

Developing buyer personas is difficult. Through scheduling meetings with sales managers, wrangling up actual customers for lengthy interviews, and behind the scenes data analysis... there's enough research required to put even the most savvy of marketers on the fritz. Not only is the process of developing thorough buyer persona outlines challenging, but the exercise itself doesn't provide tangible returns in traffic, leads, or customers.

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Changes to Facebook for Digital Marketing in 2015

Facebook boasts more than 1 billion active users as of the third quarter of 2014. The social media giant has transformed from a communications platform between a few businesses and people into a huge empire capable of connecting businesses to millions of people without an extreme cost. For the past few years, businesses have had the luxury of endlessly promoting themselves without worry about fall-out from Facebook. However, Facebook has revealed some major changes coming in 2015 that will impact the manner in which businesses use digital marketing through the site.

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