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Inbound Marketing Permission to Play - Blogging, Reporting, and Testing

In a recent company meeting we devoted some time to revisit and discuss our core values and the application of those values in all things AdVision.  As we sorted through our different values that we believe differentiate our company, some qualities (good qualities) didn't make the list.  That's not that they weren't a reflection of our ideology, but simply that they were too elemental and we deemed them "permission to play."  The idea here was if we don't embody the most simple values (i.e. "work hard") then a more unique quality (i.e. "be ahead of the curve) would essentially become irrelevant.  

In this thinking, we also put together a short list of our "Inbound Marketing Permission to Play” elements. Here they are:

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Salespeople, Get Some of Your Time Back

Sales professionals have it tough. They really do.

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4 Forgotten Levers of PPC Management!


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Hedge Your Inbound Marketing Bets

If I’ve learned anything in my 36 years, I’ve learned to not put all of my proverbial eggs in one proverbial basket. If the basket bottom falls out, well, you’re screwed. I don’t invest in just 1 stock. I don’t let it ride on a spin of the roulette wheel. In marketing, I also don’t feel it’s wise to invest in 1 singular strategy.

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