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The Blacklist: Popular SEO Tips and Tricks That Can Get You Banned

Be skeptical. In the world of SEO, anyone can call themselves an expert. Many so-called SEO gurus are operating on guesswork ("It worked for me!"), outdated knowledge ("Stuff those keywords!") and outright lies ("I'll be gone by the time they know it!). In fact, quite a few popular SEO tips either do nothing at all or can be outright harmful to your business.

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4 Tips to Help You Write Great Blog Titles

You work hard to make your blog successful. You come up with relevant topics, tailor the information to your buyer personas, keep SEO in mind as you write each post, and spend the time to find attractive photos to encourage viewers to read them. These steps are not enough to optimize your blog posts, though.

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How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing

Traditionally, “marketing” is used to refer to outbound marketing, such as television commercials, mailings, cold calls, and billboard ads. This kind of marketing requires substantial money and time distributing your message to a broad, loosely defined audience, among whom very few individuals are likely to be interested in your business and with no real way to measure results. Luckily, current consumer behavior and the capabilities of current technology make it nearly obsolete to depend solely on outbound marketing.

Depending on your goals, inbound marketing can make more sense because it can be more cost-effective and can target a more specific and relevant audience. The goal is to generate leads and ultimately clients by attracting visitors to your website. To put together an effective inbound marketing campaign, you must consider the components you will include, the strategies you will use, and how you will assess its effectiveness.

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