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How to Create an Automated Email Workflow

I love leaning on automated processes to do my dirty work - especially when it comes to email marketing. With 91% of consumers checking their email daily, it is more important than ever before to reach back out to these consumers after the first touch, and again a few days after, and again the following week... do you see where I'm going with this? Believe it or not, sending the right marketing messages at the right time can actually have a positive impact on your messaging, and can leave your prospects wanting more.

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Link-Building Is Not Dead

Over the past several months, Google has gotten far more strict about where your backlinks come from. Paid links are poison and Google's webspam director Matt Cutts flat-out declared guest posting dead. But, while mass guest blogging schemes and link buying will get you smacked down by the search engines, you can still get legitimate links. Some characteristics of quality links in 2014:

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3 Tips For Creating Content for a "Boring" Industry

Believe it or not, the world of digital marketing doesn’t interest everyone. While we can’t help but geek out when we hear words like PPC and CTA, we understand that the majority of the population tunes out quicker than you can say “search engine optimization”.

Time and time again we hear from clients or potential clients who are skeptical of inbound marketing, even though inbound marketing costs 61% less than traditional outbound marketing. One of their main concerns is that their products or services are not interesting enough. But you know what? It’s okay to be boring. Why? Because warm leads don’t find your content boring.

That being said, we know it can be difficult to get started writing content for a “boring” industry. If you’re at a loss when it comes to creating content for your company, here are 3 tips to get you started:

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Content Marketing for Client Retention

Many marketers get caught up in the hunt for new prospects. It's understandable; we're taught that we should always be expanding our client base. And, the thrill of getting a new client can be addictive. However, an obsession with new prospects can blind you to a far more fruitful tactic: reaching out to your current customers for future business.

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Keyword Optimization: When You Need It & When You Don't

It's easy to get confused about the importance of keywords. Some people come to a mistaken belief that everything on your site should be optimized all the time. Others, also mistakenly, think that we're in a post keyword era and that they can safely be ignored. While search engines continue to evolve their algorithms, keywords remain an integral part of good SEO. However, they need to be used wisely. A few tips on where they count and where they do not:

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PPC Analysis is About More Than Keywords

The lowest hanging fruit to optimize once a Pay Per Click campaign is live are the keywords. It’s almost always the first place someone looks to “see how things are going”.

We can’t argue with the fact the keyword level optimization is a must to successfully manage a campaign. But we also believe that if this is all you look at, you’re only scratching the surface of your potential.

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3 Ways to Better Target Your PPC Campaigns

Pay per click advertising can get expensive, particularly in highly-competitive markets. But, you can make your clicks count by carefully targeting your campaigns to only the most qualified surfers. A few tips to make sure that just the right people see your ads:

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Shiny Object Syndrome

I grew up in Omaha, and by default, am therefore genetically predisposed to reading more by, and about Warren Buffet than I would otherwise be inclined.   From my armchair quarterback vantage, there has been one recurring tenet of Mr. Buffett’s approach, which I always admired – his focus on uncomplicated, measured progress. 

Our Inbound Director Jon, shared with me a recent Fortune article which I won’t summarize but will encourage you to read, in which Buffett describes how minimally macro-economic factors, outsider speculation, or changes in the breeze affect his investment process.

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