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How To Evaluate SEO from your Current Provider


There are thousands of SEO agencies and consultants out there....

Some are great SEO providers who utilize "white hat best practices", while others are simply great salespeople who promise you rankings on the first page of Google for any keyword you so desire. 

Due to the complex industry of SEO, it's easy to be mislead or misinformed by agencies who "talk the talk", but don't "walk the walk."  If and when there comes a time that you need to evaluate SEO from your current provider, there are key indicators you should look for and others you should avoid.  


When you first started with them, did they complete competitive and search landscape research for your business? No SEO initiatives should be proposed until there is a firm understanding of the competitors in your market. These are not just your direct business competitors who sell the same products or services as you, but for other entities that rank for the same keywords that you would. Say for example, that your company is United Plumbing. You want to show up 1st whenever anyone searches for ‘plumbing’ in your local area. When it comes to the search landscape, you not only have to compete in search engine rankings with your direct competitor Joe’s Plumbing, but you also have to compete with Wikipedia, industry bloggers, etc. By determining who is in the market, your SEO company can more easily assess your competitors SEO efforts and craft a plan that will work for you.

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3 Essential Elements of Landing Pages That Convert

When you generate traffic for your site, it isn't just important that people visit. When visitors get to your site, you want them to become customers. For that, you need a highly effective landing page. A landing page needs these three elements to effectively convert traffic to sales:

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Increase Conversion Rates: 2 WordPress Plugins You NEED to Install

Conversion rates are fun for digital marketing nerds like myself. Why are they fun? Because sometimes increasing your conversion rate is hands-down the EASIEST thing to improve in your digital marketing efforts to drive more ROI. And there's nothing I enjoy more than low hanging fruit.

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Why We Love Our Online Sales Funnel (And Why You Should Have One, Too!)

The sales funnel has been a dominant discussion in the world of sales even before online marketing became prominent. The sales funnel is the process that companies use to first attract the attention of potential customers, help them see the value in the business, and then convert them into paying customers. Most businesses understand how to use this process when it comes to traditional marketing, but lose focus when working online. To be successful, companies have to be just as serious about their sales funnel online.

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The Art of Using Keywords

When companies set out to begin using search engine optimization, one of the first tips they are usually given is to make sure they are using keywords. Unfortunately, without being told how to properly use keywords, many companies end up seeing few results from their hard work, and may even end up hurting their websites. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when beginning to work with keywords.

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Got Writer's Block? Here's How to Keep Blogging

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