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Google's Newest Algorithm Update: Hummingbird

HummingbirdAttention folks: Google has decided to celebrate their 15th birthday with a new update to their search ranking algorithm - Hummingbird. While this update has actually been in effect for a month, it was officially announced by Google yesterday.

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5 Must-Have Elements of Effective Calls to Action

Creating a beautiful new website is one thing, but creating a new website that “works” from a marketing standpoint is another. As marketing data nerds, we at AdVision believe a company’s website is only as good as it performs online. And by that, I mean converting as many of the hundreds or thousands of visitors you may be getting on a monthly basis into as many sales-ready leads as possible.

So, what’s the first step in doing that, you ask? Place effective “Calls to Action”, or CTAs, on your website.

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A Simple Keyword Lesson for PPC: Match Types and Negative Keywords

Google determines when to show your paid search ads by indexing the search terms input by its users. It then matches these terms to the keywords in your PPC campaign. This matching algorithm can be specialized within a PPC campaign in order to optimize search results for your keywords. 

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AdVision Supports the #TeamJack Foundation

Here at AdVision, we love what we do. And we love what we do even more when we can use digital marketing to support our favorite charitable causes.

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Balancing the Basics of SEO with Basics of Success

seo vs successAs with many projects, marketing initiatives can easily get the cart in front of the horse, by running straight to the “how” of the effort, rather than starting with the “why.”  Not understanding “why” a project is being undertaken (not too mention devoting time/money/resources towards) isn’t necessarily ensuring it won’t be successful, but it is ensuring that you’ll never truly know if it actually was successful… because you didn’t define success.

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