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Why You Need Inbound Marketing Now

Inbound Marketing

Not only are more people online than ever before, they’re smarter.  They’re less patient.  They want to control their experience, not be spoon fed ads by the truck load.

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Why You Should Target PPC Ads By Location

PPC GeolocationIn addition to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, Pay Per Click or PPC is not only an effective advertising tool but a proven revenue generator. Utilizing this advertising platform has become extremely popular for businesses; however, to maximize revenue, we recommend all local businesses target their ads geographically. Targeting your ads by a location can increase their relevance and increase your click through rate.  The higher your click through rate, the more relevant the Search Engines will view your campaign - which is a GREAT thing.

Analytic software, such as Google Analytics, can provide you with valuable information as to where your customers are located, thus enabling you to target your marketing campaign directly to those users. Utilizing geo-specific keywords and ad copy will filter your audience and make your ads more enticing.

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