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"Password" should NOT be your password

According to SplashData, 'password' is the most used - and most stolen - password people use online.  Wow - so surprising, right..?  And for those of you who think you're super clever by substituting a zero for the 'o', you really aren't much better off...  You rank 18th on the list of most used and most stolen passwords.

Included in the remaining top 25 - note some of these are *funny* - are:

    • monkey (6)

    • dragon (10)

    • master (14)

    • shadow (19)

    • ashley (16) !?!

The just of it is - if you use any of the above as a password for any online application, change it now.  But not to '123456', as that was #2 on the list.
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Cherry.com Brings the Wash to Your Car

I love cars. I love clean cars even more. Having spent 45 minutes in line at a local car wash last night, I can tell you there is no greater waste of my time than waiting for my car to be cleaned. Cherry.com, please make your way to Denver soon.

Cherry.com is a website / mobile app that allows users to check in, and have their car washed whenever and wherever they might be. On the surface - This is an AWESOME idea. Simply check in on your mobile device (yes I'm assuming you have one), and the 'washer' closest to you will reply with an estimated time of arrival.

Cost? Really no different that what you'd find at a high end car wash - $29, which includes tip.

Hurdles? Feeling comfortable enough to leave your car unlocked for a total stranger. Yikes.

I'm THAT guy who watches how the car is driven on the wash track, I follow the car as it's pulled through the wash, and I pay attention to who and how the car is dried. I'm a bit of a car freak - I know. But I'd have a hard time not standing next to the washer as he does his work. At that point, I what am I gaining?

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