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Spooktacular – What is your Quality Score?

Happy Friday the 13th to all of you AdWord Managers out there! Not to add another thing to worry about to your list this Friday, but do you know what your quality score is currently? If that’s a new buzzword, then you should be worried about all of the money you could be wasting in your account due to a poor quality score. By managing your AdWords account around quality score, you can see lower CPC’s, higher click volume, and potentially higher conversion volume. To help you out with your AdWords management, we’ve broken down the main quality score factors here below to avoid any mistakes on this spooky day.

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How Much Should Inbound Marketing Really Cost?

Good ol' marketing. It’s usually the first thing to hit the chopping block when budgets are tight. Which is unfortunate, because it should be the last. Cutting back on marketing when your business is suffering makes about as much sense as taking an already dying fish out of water in hopes it will save its life. But I get it. It’s expensive, it really is. So how much should businesses really be paying for marketing, and in this particular case, inbound marketing? Let’s discover what to look for in an inbound marketing agency and how to invest your money wisely.

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Top Five Ways to Optimize for Local SEO

When you hear the words SEO, you probably think organic traffic rankings, keyword strategies, XML sitemaps, and blogging. But these buzzwords are by and large related to moving the needle across the whole world wide web. What about local SEO?

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